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Joseph Judge   Ethan Magram   Everett Sapp   Alexandre Faruqi
Editor and Co-Producer   Narrator and Co-Producer   Aerial Cinematographer   Writer / Journalist


Filmmakers Joseph Judge, Ethan Magram, and Everett Sapp document the amazing world of atmospheric science beginning at Whiteface Mountain's Atmospheric Sciences and Research Center and continuing to even more findings about the political, economic, and personal issues surrounging climate change.  This series of documentaries follows the science and those working in the fields of atmospheric science are part of a much large story that shows that policy and governmental regulation can make a difference. What is discovered is that problems surrounding climate change may have significant solutions if acted upon now.

Climate Skies "Atmospheric Science at Whiteface Mountain" the first in the series, debuted at The Adirondack Youth Climate Summit at The Wild Center in Tupper Lake, New York in November.  

The Climate Skies series of documentary educational films are an applied learning environments project created as part of courseware developed at  This student-centered project was created as part of the course in cooperation with Beekmantown High School.  All rights reserved 2017.



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